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Top Hat Masonry Repair is the Leading brick masons in the West Bloomfield MI area

Fully licensed and insured, Top Hat Masonry Repair specializes in the repair, as well as custom installment of all your masonry, and concrete needs. Located in Waterford, MI, Top Hat Masonry Repair services the following cities: West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Troy, Franklin and Bloomfield Hills, and the surrounding areas. Our team at Top Hat Masonry Repair staff only the most talented and experienced brick pavers and tuckpointing experts.

We are one of the best brick masons in Michigan and we strive to not only provide you with the highest quality workmanship, but to also create a favorable overall experience with all our clients for all your brick repair needs!

Historical Masonry Repair & Restoration

  • The construction of a staircase using masonry products can prove to be a bit of a challenge, and is always a lot of fun when the whole thing comes together. The look of bluestone, as well as limestone, for the walking surface of the stairs themselves look emaculate on your property. A well-developed staircase leading to a front entryway surrounded by a nice landscape is just awe inspiring!

  • Retaining walls are another way to incorporate stonework into your outdoor living space. These are walls that are constructed to hold back the dirt from a higher elevation in order to allow the lower elevation to be flat. For instance, without retaining walls, your land would have to follow slopes to go from one elevation to another. It may be necessary to install a retaining wall in order to enjoy a flat back patio that you would like to install outside of your back door.

Custom Stone Masonry Design For Your Outdoor Living Space

Get customized designs for all your outdoor living space needs!

Masonry fencing can provide beautiful natural privacy. Privacy fencing is great for sprucing up the look of your home as well. Masonry fencing is a beautiful way to create a physical property line. These can be created in the form of a wall built using just about any type of masonry material. These are also commonly built using pre-cast concrete panels.

With a large portfolio of residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate assets. It was necessary to find a masonry contractor that could complete projects with excellent workmanship, quickly and within our budget. Using Top Hat Masonry, we were able to accomplish all of those goals. Work ranging from repairing a historic fireplace chimney to new construction has been completed flawlessly and on time. The team at Top Hat are intelligent, honest, and hardworking, which are traits that are often hard to find. We look forward to working with Top Hat Masonry in the future. Chris Pavlinac Singh Management L.L.C Facilities Manager*

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