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With an outdoor fireplace or kitchen, you still have the same question to answer - gas or wood? The only difference is that it's outdoors!

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Putting an outdoor fireplace at the edge of a patio creates that same warm, comfortable environment that you get from your indoor fireplace - and is great for entertaining guests! Plus, these double as a great marshmallow roaster!

This is an interesting one for discussion. Most masonry barbecues are actuality structures designed to fit a gas barbecue grill. These look super cool, and the designs of the stainless-steel grills are very sleek. The finished product is always worth the work of the design and build. The only kicker is that some people just do not like the thought of barbecuing without the use of charcoal. With that in mind, we have created quite a few designs and concepts to be used in building a true masonry barbecue grill. The entire units are built out of masonry materials, and accept steel grates for charcoal and food. This is one of those things that are left up to the individual to decide what is the most desirable product for their personal likeness. Both methods look and work great.

Tuckpointing Contractors near Novi

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Tuckpointing is a method of combining mortar of two different colors into the joints of brickwork, creating an artificial appearance to the bricks as if they have very fine joints holding them together. This method is used for older homes or buildings that want to update their appearance without spending the money to get all new brick. Tuckpointing your masonry has a few benefits, and the most important one is that this process can help extend the lifespan of your brick for many additional years. If you've noticed that your brick wall, chimney, or fireplace is starting to break down - contact the tuckpointing experts at Top Hat Masonry Repair today!

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When it comes to professional masonry restoration services in Novi, you need an experienced contractor who understands the challenges of our climate. Top Hat Masonry Repair has been providing homeowners and contractors exceptional stone, brick, and concrete services since 2012. Our brickwork is beautifully crafted and stands the test of time. For a free consultation on your next project, give us a call! You'll work directly with the owner, Chris Blaine.

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