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At Top Hat Masonry Repair, our goal is to provide each of our clients with a friendly, clean, and professional atmosphere from the beginning to the end of your project.

Masonry Repair Waterford MI - Chimney Repairs, Driveway, Patio   - brickstepWe are one of the best brick masons in Waterford and we strive to not only provide you with the highest quality workmanship, but to also create a favorable overall experience with all our clients for all your brick repair needs!

Fully licensed and insured, Top Hat Masonry Repair specializes in the repair, as well as custom installment of all your masonry, and concrete needs. Located in Waterford, MI, Top Hat Masonry Repair services the following cities: West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Troy, Franklin and Bloomfield Hills, and the surrounding areas. Our team at Top Hat Masonry Repair staff only the most talented and experienced brick pavers and tuckpointing experts.

Residential and Commercial Masonry Repair Services

We all know how beautiful a brick house can be. If you were to think of this product as a shell, it is by far the most tried and true way to not only add to the durability of your home. The density of this material also does such an amazing job at holding a home's warmth in the winter, as well as AC in the summer. This not only provides a more comfortable living space but also allows for a little extra cash to get out and enjoy yourself!

The best way to enforce the longevity of any product is to start by making sure it is going to be built upon a structurally sound foundation. This is a very important fact, and it is also something that we never overlook. Our goal is to make each and every project a onetime investment.

Beautify Your Waterford Property with a Stunning Driveway or Sidewalk

Generally speaking, your driveway takes up a large portion of your front yard.  When properly designed and installed, a driveway will not only look wonderful but also play a major role in preventing drainage issues from arising on your property. Sidewalks offer a great opportunity for any homeowner to add a little personal creativity to their home. The material selection from a masonry standpoint is limitless. Sidewalks can be dug and installed in any design or location you feel appropriate. You can also modify the look or design of an existing sidewalk. Where a walking or driving surface come into contact with grass, mulch or other various landscape materials, you may want to have decorative curbing installed. The curbing is commonly made out of granite cubes, but can be built out of a vast array of other building materials. The finished product visually separates the two surfaces and creates an unmistakable ‘wow!’ effect to your entire property.

Exceptional Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

With an outdoor fireplace, you are faced with the same options as an indoor one. Gas or wood? The only difference is - it’s outdoors!

Masonry Repair Waterford MI - Chimney Repairs, Driveway, Patio   - grillPutting an outdoor fireplace at the edge of a patio creates that same warm, comfortable environment that you get from your indoor fireplace - and is great for entertaining guests! Plus, these double as a great marshmallow roaster!

This is an interesting one for discussion. Most masonry barbecues are actuality structures designed to fit a gas barbecue grill. These look super cool, and the designs of the stainless-steel grills are very sleek. The finished product is always worth the work of the design and build. The only kicker is that some people just do not like the thought of barbecuing without the use of charcoal. With that in mind, we have created quite a few designs and concepts to be used in building a true masonry barbecue grill. The entire units are built out of masonry materials, and accept steel grates for charcoal and food. This is one of those things that are left up to the individual to decide what is the most desirable product for their personal likeness. Both methods look and work great.

Masonry built pizza ovens have started to get noticed in the United States over the last few years. The incredible heat that is produced by these ovens can fully cook a pizza in under 3 minutes! They have been termed pizza ovens, or brick ovens, but they are used to cook tons of different types of food including chicken and bread. There are tons of different brick oven cookbooks and information online for different recipes and cooking techniques


If you’re considering transforming your backyard into an outdoor paradise for relaxation and entertaining family and friends, you should also consider the benefits of stone patios. One of those benefits is reducing your monthly water bill…

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Affordable Chimney Cleaning and Porch Repair from a Local, Trusted Masonry Repair Contractor

Having your chimney repaired and cleaned on either an annual or semi-annual basis is a very important factor in maintaining the safety and proper operation of your fireplace.

When hired to clean your chimney, not only will we make sure we leave you with a clean chimney, but we will also take our time and do a proper safety inspection on the overall function of your fireplace and chimney. Keeping up on the maintenance of your chimney not only saves on the cost of possible large-scale repairs, but also virtually eliminates the risk of house fires due to creosote buildup!

Historical Masonry Repair & Restoration

The construction of a staircase using masonry products can prove to be a bit of a challenge, and is always a lot of fun when the whole thing comes together. I personally love the look of bluestone, as well as limestone, for the walking surface of the stairs themselves. A well-developed staircase leading to a front entryway surrounded by a nice landscape is just awe-inspiring in my opinion!

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