Pool Surrounds & Outdoor Decorations

Pool Surrounds & Outdoor Decorations in Waterford, MI

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Decorative Pool Concrete and Surrounds Waterford MI - poolAmplify your outdoor pool and pool area with our unique decorative pool surround designs and installations. Make hanging out by the pool more inviting to your family and friends with our one of a kind custom creations. We will work with you on the design and choose the best layout for your pool area.


Pool Surrounds

We specialize in all types of pool surrounds. Examples would include concrete, natural stone, brick Pavers, and Tile. We also install Pool copings as well as interior pool tile.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows add to the security of your home. They also create a very nice look and tend to correspond well.


Some examples of masonry fountains would be: a wall bordering a pond or swimming pool with a slot left open or a limestone carving with a spout. A pump would then send water from the source through the outlet on the wall, so it can be returned to the source. Another example would be a masonry structure containing an elevated body of water. A fountain of one’s personal liking can be placed in the center of the body of water. Fountains create a wonderfully calming environment – a perfect addition to a professionally landscaped yard! 

Flower Boxes

This is essentially a retaining wall that is built to encase the dirt necessary to grow an elevated flower or vegetable garden. These can be built with a height as small as 3” and can be as tall as your local building code will allow. 


A masonry mailbox not only has an extremely high lifespan, but it is also sort of a masonry bonsai tree. You can add so much design detail to your mailbox it could literally become a scale model of your home!

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