Staircases, Arches & Pillars

Beautiful Stone Staircases, Arches and Pillars in Waterford, MI

The construction of a staircase using masonry products can prove to be a bit of a challenge and is always a lot of fun when the whole thing comes together.

Stone Staircases Contractor Waterford Michigan - Arches & Pillers - stairsOur customers love the look of bluestone as well as limestone for the walking surface of the stairs themselves. A well-developed staircase leading to a front entryway surrounded by a nice landscape is just awe inspiring!



Stone Staircases Contractor Waterford Michigan - Arches & Pillers - archArches are basically considered anything suspended in the air due to the down pressure created through a bend. Arches can be created as a single unit in depth. They can also carry over a depth of multiple feet. We personally call these barrel arches. A barrel arch is commonly built leading into the front door of a residence or commercial establishment. An arch with a single unit arch is commonly found at the top of the opening of a fireplace, and above windows on a home. The other common form of an arch is usually found connecting to exterior walls or pillars of a residence or commercial property to create an opening usually to accommodate a walkway. These arches tend to be double-sided and are usually the same width as the wall; sometimes just wider than the wall to create a protruded effect. When connecting to pillars they are usually centered on the pillars and carry a smaller depth than the pillars themselves.


Stone Staircases Contractor Waterford Michigan - Arches & Pillers - pillarWhen built as a standalone product, these are generally built on both sides of an entrance and tend to give off a certain feeling of importance when you pass through. These are commonly located at the end of a driveway. They are also found at the beginning of a walkway leading to a doorway, or where a walkway would come into contact with a larger area such as an in-ground pool or back patio. Pillars are also commonly built to create a border around an area, such as a property line or a pool or back patio.

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