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Hazards Of Not Repairing Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete can bring many problems if not fixed immediately. Here are some of the hazards of not repairing cracked concrete.

Frost Heaves

Apart from growing and becoming wide, a cracked concrete can also attract water in between them. The water will freeze as the temperature goes down, and the ice will make the crack to expand more.

Tripping Hazard

When there is a cracked concrete somewhere, there will be a real risk of tripping. In some places, this has been subject to several lawsuits as some ladies have their high heels caught in cracked sidewalk.

Damage To Cars

It may not be easy to tell how deep a concrete crack is particularly when there is water held in it. Motorists may not be able to slow down if they are unable to determine the depth of the cracked concrete. A cracked concrete that has gone deep may damage the vehicle and even pose a danger to other road users.

Mold Exposure

Molds usually tend to grow in the cracks of concrete when water settles in them. This is a typical case when the cracked concrete is in a place like a basement garage, warehouse, or any other hidden and dark place.

Mold can cause serious health complications to the occupants of a particular building. The owner of the property may also be forced to fight some legal battles at the court.

It is therefore very imperative to clear the cracked concrete mess before it creates other serious hazards.

It May Cause Slipping & Falling

Since the ice in the concrete cracks is always slippery, those who are walking or even riding are at higher risks of slipping and falling.

It Will Cause A Growing Damage

When a cracked concrete is not repaired, it will grow from a small crack to become a larger one. This might be costly to repair as opposed to fixing it when it is first noticed.

You should repair all problems caused by cracked concretes before they become major hazards.

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