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Prevent Erosion From Threatening Your Home

Soil erosion occurs when top soil is removed by various elements like wind and water. It causes the underlying soil to be exposed, and this threatens the foundation of the home. If you suspect that soil erosion is threatening your house, you should contact a professional foundation repair team that will assess your house and make recommendations on what to do. The following are some of the ways to prevent erosion:

Intelligent Landscaping

If your house is located in a flat area, you can try planting grass and trees that will hold the top soil together. You can use gravel, mulch, and rocks if the area is not suitable for planting. However, when planting, do not plant too close to the house or the roots will damage the foundation. Also, do not plant too far or the plants will not regulate moisture levels around your home.

Retaining Walls

Having a retaining wall will prevent soil from going down a slope. When constructing a retaining wall, you need to use high-quality materials and hire the services of an expert. In extremely sloped areas, the retaining walls will require city approvals.

Stepped Terraces

This is a version of stepped retaining walls installed at regular intervals along a slope. Each layer is layered at every level to create the series of terraces. You need to have experts do this so they can ensure each terrace can support itself.

Piles, Nets, and Meshes

These barriers are installed in extreme cases so they can keep the soil in place. It is done when the area is too steep for terraces or retaining walls. Also, it is done when the soil is too rocky or loose to do intelligent landscaping.

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