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Natural Stone vs. Concrete: Which is Best for Your Patio?

When renovating and aging outdoor space or installing a new patio, there are a vast number of decisions to be made regarding what materials to use. When talking to your landscaper or visiting the home improvement center, the big pile of concrete pavers and natural stone all look almost the same stacked up on shelves or displayed in a catalog. Which material will work best for your home?


If you live in a climate that goes through freeze and thaw cycles, both natural stone and concrete pavers will be subject to shifting and cracking over time. Concrete can be manufactured to resist temperature changes while some stone is less likely to move than others. Both will provide decades of service when installed correctly. Concrete pavers have a slight advantage in this department.

Color, Texture, and Design

Concrete pavers are manufactured which provides consistent shapes and colors for your outside living space. They come in a variety of textures and can be special ordered to achieve the exact look you desire. They complement modern architecture well. Natural stone works exceptionally well for more traditional designs that feature landscaping typical of the surrounding area. There will be color and shape variations, simply because that's how Mother Nature made it. Select the material that reflects your personal lifestyle for best effect.

Repairs and Replacement

Concrete pavers lead the department in this case. If you put down a popular brick, it is likely you'll be able to replace a broken one in the future with an exact replacement. The cost for finding replacements won't be anymore significant that the original purchase. When stone cracks or discolors, it is more difficult to find a matching tile. You will pay more for labor to have the new piece fit where the broken one was removed and finding the same color again may not be possible.

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