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The Dos and Don'ts of Pressure-Washing Your Patio

Everybody who has a patio knows that the floor must be pressure-washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing may seem simple, but there are a few guidelines that you need to follow if you want to get the best results possible. In fact, not following these guidelines may lead to a reduced lifespan for your patio floor or even permanent damage.

Do: Pick the right gear and settings

Successful pressure washing is highly dependent on not only using the correct equipment but also using the correct settings on this equipment. The best pressure washers are either gas or electric-powered units with a pressure rating of 3000 PSI plus and a flow rate of over 4 gallons a minute. This will ensure the spray is powerful enough to clean your patio. Put the nozzle on the "high pressure" rating and select a 40-inch tip. Of course, you need to remember to use an appropriate cleaning solution when filling the reservoir.

Don't: Pick any pressure washer and guess which settings to use

The wrong washer and settings can be ineffective or even harmful. A washer that isn't powerful enough for the job will be a simple waste of time, while an overly powerful pressure washer may damage your patio. Take care to listen to the professionals when preparing to pressure wash your piano.

Do: Prep the surface

Many inexperienced pressure washers underestimate the importance of preparation. All debris should be removed, and all electrical outlets covered. If this is not done, the plants may die, and there is a risk of electrical shock.

Don't: Overlook preparation

Pressure washing liquid is a mixture of cleaning fluids and water. The cleaning fluids are highly toxic and must be handled carefully. Water, of course, is an excellent conductor of electricity. Many patios have multiple electrical outlets. It is imperative that these outlets be covered during a pressure washing session for reasons of safety. Experts recommend using plastic and waterproof tape to seal off electrical outlets that may get wet.

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